Younger Cadance

Princess Cadance is a Princess in My Little Pony!


She lives in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire, with Elsa


She is very cheerful and kind. She always smiles and is always happy. She always has fun and is a beautiful Princess. She loves to foal—sit and take care of fillies. She is also very generous. And stands up to villains and cooperates. She's always there for you if you need help!


Crystal mare

A Canterlot WeddingEdit

She acts very evil and casts spells on Shining Armor and isn't nice. But that wasn't Princess Cadance, that was Queen Chrysalis!


Co-ruler of the Crystal Empire and Princess of Equestria. She is also the former foal sitter of Princess Twilight Sparkle , when Princess Cadance and Elsa got married, Cadance became Twilights sister


Princess Luna: aunt

Elsa - Wife

Princess Twilight Sparkle: best friend

Prince Blueblood: cousin

Princess Skyla : Daughter


Cutie mark


Her eyes are dark purple, her mane is dark violet with moderate Rose and pale gold streaks, her coat light pale grayish cerise and magic aura is very light cornflower blue.


Her full name is Mi Amore Cadenza.

PS: Sometimes people can't even remember her name!


Princess Cadance Gallery

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